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AssetDigitalTM Banking

The New Financial Culture

Digital Network is empowering businesses and financial institutions with its next generation payments platform by packing added value into its service offering. We combine traditional card processing, digital currencies and advanced technologies that digitally colaterize and bank fixed assets.

We are taking the concept of the payment gateway to the next level by allowing it to do so much more.

We are addressing the challenges of an outdated lending system, which are:

#1: Limited Access

Access to credit is limited to those who borrowed before and is solely focused on income. Non-money assets are excluded from decisions and are invisible or illiquid.

#2: Globally Fragmented

Borders have separated assets into pools that can’t easily be used in other countries. The global view of a customer is limited to high net worth banking only.

#3: Illiquid & Slow

Despite 60%+ of OECD residents having property equity, it’s illiquid and can’t be accessed. resulting in high assets and low borrowing being priced as high risk.

Missing out on lucrative revenue opportunities

Because Fixed Asset classes are neither truly digitalized or banked, lenders do not combine cash, property and stock assets together to form a net equity view. The entire financial industry does not know what the net value of the dormant and unrealized equity is in the world, yet real estate alone has an estimated $230 Trillion value globally.

What we achieve

Unlocking capital by maximizing asset value

We have created the world’s first digital bank account that combines both an eMoney cash account and a net asset ledger based on the client’s fixed, property, and digitised assets.

Benefits for your customers

We unlock the gap in net assets value for everyone
We make assets globally fluid and accesible
Simple & immutable origination within seconds
Globally transparent Automatic compliance


Our AssetDigitalTM technologies and network are powering the groundbreaking ENDLESS1 card account which is collaterized by the client’s own enhanced net asset ledger.

Our payments sector expertise and deep understanding of new technologies enable us to redefine what the next generation card account will do for you.

Ultra low-rate credit card scheme for client accounts. Issued on a structured loan principle allowing larger credit and lower rates and consolidation of existing high street credit balances

Endless1 Card
Endless1 Icon APP
Endless1 Mobile APP
Modular, empowering and lucrative
AssetDigitalTM & ENDLESS1 are conceived to generate lucrative revenue streams for our clients. It is a Digital Bank operating in multiple countries with a classic digital low cost model that drives asset digitisation conversion revenue, credit origination fee revenue, and business bank revenue.
All AssetDigitalTM services are also offered as stand-alone services.
Fixed Asset Banking Account
A global e-banking solution for property owners to deposit their property and stock asset details into their own bank account and avail themselves to ultra low and ultra fast credit, loans and bank-to-bank property transaction services
Mortgage & Structured Loans
An automated real estate mortgage and loan origination platform linked directly to the client account. Processing requests on a brokerage basis for each specific Client Account based on verified net equity and earnings data held
Credit Card Network
Ultra low-rate credit card scheme for client accounts. Issued on a structured loan principle allowing larger credit and lower rates and consolidation of existing high street credit balances
Fiduciary Services
A fully secured and transparent document and evidence tracking and execution service covering all 3 loan product requirements, making the legal and compliance completion process highly efficient
Market Data
Highly accurate Client banking, real estate transaction, mortgages, loans and credit card activity data, anonymised and sold across markets. Wholesale to big data aggregators and retail to corporates
Credit Scoring
Development of a new kind of affordability and risk scoring model based on a combination of all normal client banking activity plus a risk weighted attribution on a net equity basis.

Digital Network

Payment Gateway

Digital Network Gateway is our proprietary payment gateway providing our bank partner merchants with a fast, easy and secure end-to-end payment processing solution for any transaction (Mobile, eCommerce, Mail or Telephone Order (MOTO) or Retail Point of Sale. Tokenization, Online reporting and multicurrency support provide a robust interface solution for any merchant to monitor and track their sales activities.

Digital Network Gateway allows financial institutions to process merchants card payments securely and efficiently, including features such as reporting, fraud and risk tools, velocity controls, transaction limits and an extensible set of APIs. All card payments are processed and authorized through a fully PCI compliant gateway.

Digital Network

Merchant Services

We enable merchans to increase sales volume by tapping into the full power of technology and added value services to provide their clients with an enhanced customer experience.

We empower merchants with a deeper engagement with their customers through a powerful loyalty platform allowing them to intimately understand their customer’s profile and reward them accordingly.

Digital Network

Card Services

Digital Network


Digital Network Logo
Tamanoir’s Digital Network addresses the needs of clients facing a global lending system that is outdated and often broken. Access to credit is limited to those who borrowed before and is focused on income. However, 60%+ of OECD residents having property equity that is illiquid and can’t be accessed.
We are creating the world’s first digital bank account that combines both an eMoney cash account and a net asset ledger of the client’s fixed property, and digitised assets thus enabling access to locked capital.
30+ Years in Payments & Technology
We specialize in developing innovative payment solutions and possess a unique expertise in key technologies impacting Card Payments. Today we focus on Web3/DeFi solutions that foster the economic empowerment of consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

Central to our ability to bring genuine innovation in this highly specialized sector, is our deep understanding of current trends and future needs impacting this market. Our expertise covers Blockchain, DeFi, Asset Tokenization, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud and Big Data, as well as the management of complex cross-border regulations.

To fulfil our commitment to our clients and partners, all our products and solutions are designed by payment processing specialists possessing many years of experience in this multi-faceted industry and who have all participated in payment technology start-ups as well as worked with leading global financial establishments.

Our mission is to better empower key players in the transactional chain with the tools and solutions that will enable them to durably serve their customers and partners.

Empower your customers.

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